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The Injustice: Parks and Rec Shelved Until Midseason

Posted By shannoninsf on May 17, 2010 at 1:53PM

Let me make myself clear: I am a TV addict and pop culture junkie and thus love trying out new TV shows. I was even looking forward to this coming Fall's new crop of comedies and dramas . . . until I heard NBC's plans for the Thursday night comedy block. To help new show Outsourced succeed, Parks and Recreation has been shoved to midseason! I had one reaction to this news about my current favorite show, the show that makes me look forward to Thursday nights: blind rage.

Why couldn't they have moved The Office? Or struggling show Community? Since P&R finally got much better in its second season, I'm worried that it may lost momentum if it's not coming back until next January. I understand that this is a move to help one comedy— but why potentially hurt another? Another that I think is the strongest of NBC's Thursday night shows? Anyway, I'll be appreciating each episode until the season finale a whole lot more now that I know I'll have to do without it for so long. Are you guys as irritated as I am?

Why I'll Miss Mark Brendanawicz

Posted By shannoninsf on Mar 16, 2010 at 12:22PM

Bad news for Parks and Recreation fans: Paul Schneider, AKA Mark Brendanawicz, is leaving the show at the end of this season. Mark may not be beloved by every P&R fan, but it's mainly just because his character is not as outrageously hilarious as the rest of the cast is. Either way, I'm a huge Schneider fan and am mourning this loss either way. To that extent, I give you: my five reasons for why I'll miss Mark.

  • He's the welcome straight man in a sea of craziness. Who's going to keep Tom, Ron, and Leslie in check now?
  • He's keeping Ann and Andy apart. I want him for April!
  • Paul Schneider is adorable. Now I will have to funnel all my crush energy into Andy and Tom.
  • We'll lose his evolution into a committed guy. How cute was he on Valentine's Day with all the gifts?
  • I don't want any of he current chemistry of the cast to change, no matter how weak the character.
Are you going to miss Mark/Paul Schneider on Parks and Rec?


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Who Is Your Favorite Parks and Recreation Character?

Posted By shannoninsf on Feb 15, 2010 at 3:41PM

Last week, it hit me: Parks and Recreation is my current favorite TV show. Saying it's improved since last season is an understatement; it's hilarious and goofy, without feeling the need to be "edgy" or awkward (ahem, The Office).

But if I really had to pinpoint what it is about P & R that I love, I would say how brilliantly each character is written. Every one of those pictured is complex and funny in their own unique way, with a story arc I actually care about. The only thing I find difficult about them is that I don't know who I like the most! Who is your favorite?

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